Neglectful Me…


Seems I have seriously neglected my blogs. For that, I am sorry. Blogspot sorta pissed me off when they changed the design editing layout. So I am still in search of a blogging place that fits me. I like WordPress, don’t get me wrong, I’m just not ‘feeling’ it lately.I’ll try to get better at posting again, but fear it may not happen much until Fall hits, and the kids head back to school. They seem to think the internet is theirs.



About Jeaux Raynebeaux's Meauxjeaux

A little about myself.. Well I've been happily married for 20 years to the father of my 4 children. All of them boys ranging in ages from 20 - 12 years of age. I am an aspiring author of the paranormal genre. I adore nature, love animals, and am an avid gardener, as well as hunting and fishing. I am also an open -minded Pagan woman who is very accepting of others' paths and faiths, especially when they are accepting of mine.

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