Blogging and Summer W/Kids & Kittens Do Not Mix


This is a conclusion I’ve come up with. Even as I type this I have kids talking to me, and kittens crawling on me. Dividing my attention thoroughly. I love em all, both kids and kittens, so I’m not complaining. I tried to start a blog on Facebook thinking maybe that was why I rarely blogged anymore, but nope, that wasn’t it either.

So, what I’ve been up to. The heat is actually getting to me this year. Ugh it means I’m getting old. The week of the Fourth of July I ended up in the ER. I couldn’t talk right. Yes, it was a TIA, and I was quite dehydrated. Eventually they decided to keep me. (Sheesh, had I walked in they’d have probably done something right away, but I think all they saw was my disability). What happened to giving the patient who displays stroke systems the meds that reverse it? I’d arrived at around 8 and it wasn’t until midnight that they called my own doc that he said admit her. So by the next morning after having been on an IV with them pumping fluids in me, I was apparently dehydrated what my doc said. I ended up staying in until July 4th morning, discharged with the instructions to stay out of the heat! So armed with a buttload of scripts to go fill I go out where? Yup, into the sweltering heat. Of course my husband who acts more like an old woman, had to stop by and gossip with everyone on the way until I had to get bitchy and tell him he must like me in a hospital. (I’ve already been pissed off at him since I entered the ER because he had the gall to rip my cover from my head and tossing it in the truck even before entering the ER… I still have not spoken to him of it yet.) Finally we got to Wal-mart and I’m thinking, “yes, it’ll take forever for them to fill my scripts and I can relax in the A/C. (Did I mention our truck has no A/C?) For once the pharmacy had everything ready. Yeah, shocking, right? So, to stay in the cool a bit more I buy a few items for the house, then head home. I was on FB most of the day catching up, then even before sunset I had to go lay down so I missed the 4th of July festivities. I have the best neighbor in the world though. She bought food and fireworks so Saturday the 7th I could enjoy a celebration too.

So, now it’s July 14th and life is back to normal except I have to remember to take those damned pills, and Doc doesn’t want me drinking Coke anymore. On the bright side, I was able to quit smoking… again.

)O( May the Mother Goddess Bless You in All that You Do! )O(



About Jeaux Raynebeaux's Meauxjeaux

A little about myself.. Well I've been happily married for 20 years to the father of my 4 children. All of them boys ranging in ages from 20 - 12 years of age. I am an aspiring author of the paranormal genre. I adore nature, love animals, and am an avid gardener, as well as hunting and fishing. I am also an open -minded Pagan woman who is very accepting of others' paths and faiths, especially when they are accepting of mine.

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