Hijab/Headscarf Does NOT Equal Terrorist.. STOP THE HATE!


Reposting from my dear friend. “I don’t care what assumption you want to make about someone because of a cloth on the head; it still doesn’t excuse working up phlegm and spitting in the path of a lady.”

That’s right, people. Someone SPAT at her today because of the scarf on her head.

Not long ago, a Muslim woman from California was murdered, simply because she is a Muslim (wearing hijab). The sicko even left a note on her dead body saying, “Go back to your country.” The US IS her country!

I am furious. Why is a a headscarf/hijab so threatening? How do you even know if she is Muslim or not? (And if she is, SO WHAT?!). Let me enlighten you of just some of the religions where women cover their hair.

Amish, Japanese Buddhist Nun, Catholic Nun, Catholic, Druze, Eastern Orthodox Nun, Eastern Orthodox, Hindu, Jain Nun, Mennonite, Muslim, Orthodox Jewish, Sabian, Sikh,Taoist Nun, and certain Pagan and Polytheistic religions.

Many women *choose* to wear the veil. I’m not talking about women who are forced. That is wrong as well. However, no one has the right to be treated like this because of a piece of cloth on their head.

Please, pass this along and STOP THE HATE!!!!!

My friend Jenn Rana, wrote this about a mutual friend of ours that covers her head, who was spat at. I dare anyone to get rude with me over what I CHOOSE to wear, cause it won’t be pretty. I’m bitch enough to give you back what you dish, and then some!

My Friend Starla reminded me about cancer patients.. She said this:

I am right there with ya hun.. STOP THE STUPIDITY! I have a very dear and close friend that wears a scaf because she is FIGHTING CANCER! It’s not all about religion but also bacause it might be medical and because it keeps us cool! You don’t “diss” a man for wearing a “Do Rag”… Then stop messing with the ladies! I will bring you to ur own size you mess with my family or friends over something so small as this! STOP YOUR STUPIDITY!!!!

Trust me, this is far from over, at least until the discrimination and hate ends!


One Million Hijabs for Shaima Alwadi

To Learn More about the women who cover, and why, check out Covered In Light

It’s Just A Cloth


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