It seems like forever that my periods have been hell on me. Well, the fatigue and pain I can solve with sleep and Advil, but I ca also flood the highest absorbency tampon in an hour.

No More!

This is my last Tampon period. I’m researching the Divacup, and the MooncupDid You Know That Menstrual Cups Have Been Around For 80 Years??? Unreal that they’re not common knowledge. I’m to the point though of buying the prefolded cloth diapers, and using them as pads.

Anyway, if you have suggestions, I’m open to them. Well all except to continue tampons. I am honestly to the point of begging for a hysterectomy.


)o( Goddess Bless You In All That You Do )o(

43 AND FED UP (WARNING: Female Topic)


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